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[Tokyo] Menya Itto (麺屋一燈): One of the Best Tsukemen in Tokyo, Also Known for Its Salt and Soy Sauce-Based Ramen


Menya Itto’s Houjun Koumi Soba: A Symphony of Artisanal Ramen Perfection

Menya Itto, located in Shin-Koiwa, has garnered recognition for its exquisite ramen, particularly the “Houjun Koumi Soba” in both salt and soy sauce varieties, following the popularity of their signature tsukemen noodles, which we introduced in our previous article.


The “Houjun Koumi Soba (Salt)” boasts a broth crafted with triple the standard amount of chicken bones, imbuing it with an unparalleled depth and richness of flavor. The soup incorporates two distinctive natural sea salts: “Guérande Salt,” known for its minimal bitterness and profound taste, and “Aguni Salt,” celebrated for its lingering saltiness and hint of sweetness. The unique blend of these salts accentuates the chicken’s umami, creating a truly sublime broth.


Similarly, the “Houjun Koumi Soba (Soy Sauce)” features a “naturally brewed soy sauce” that undergoes a meticulous, traditional fermentation process lasting over a year. The harmonious interplay of chicken, dried ingredients, and animal-based components unleashes an aromatic and flavorful assault that permeates the palate.


Menya Itto’s artisans meticulously select six varieties of wheat flour to create three types of exceptional noodles, while the Itto Group as a whole employs eight flour varieties to consistently offer five kinds of noodles.

These unwavering commitments to quality and craftsmanship elevate the allure of Menya Itto’s “Houjun Koumi Soba” in both its salt and soy sauce renditions. An experience of their flavors is highly recommended.

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