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[Mie] Must-Try Restaurant and Japanese Sweets Shop Near the Ise Grand Shrine

Dishes Japan recommends a visit to Matsusaka Maruyoshi Ise Oharaimachi-ten, a long-standing restaurant in Matsusaka City celebrated for its Matsusaka beef. Known for overseeing the entire beef production process, from ranching to restaurant management, they prioritize quality through visual inspections and a unique feed blend. The diverse menu includes sukiyaki-style beef pot, hamburgers, grilled meat, and steak, all featuring the globally acclaimed Matsusaka beef. Afterward, explore Akafuku Honten, a historic Japanese confectionery near Ise Grand Shrine, renowned for its 300-year-old legacy of Akafuku mochi and other delightful treats like yokan and manju.

Matsusaka Maruyoshi Ise Oharaimachi-ten (松阪まるよし 伊勢おはらい町店)

Matsusaka Maruyoshi, a renowned restaurant and butcher shop in Matsusaka City, offers Matsusaka beef known for its exceptional marbling, tenderness, and rich flavor. Established in 1961, the establishment takes pride in meticulous calf selection and original feed blend for breeding, resulting in high-quality beef with a soft texture. The restaurant, located in the heart of Matsusaka City, provides a range of beef cuts and dishes, including sukiyaki-style beef pot, hamburgers, and steak, all at a reasonable price. Visitors can also explore the butcher shop for freshly-fried croquettes and menchikatsu.

Akafuku Honten (赤福 本店)

Akafuku, a red bean cake enjoyed for over 300 years near the Ise Grand Shrine, embodies a centuries-old Japanese tradition. The traditional Akafuku mochi symbolizes the Isuzugawa River, while the innovative Shiromochi Kuromochi blends black sugar-flavored rice cake with white bean-based Shiromochi. Akafuku Honten’s store provides a sensory experience with fragrant green tea, skilled artisans shaping the confection, and a vermilion-painted hearth believed to purify impurities. Whether savored in-store or taken home as a souvenir, Akafuku offers a delectable taste of history and culture.

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