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Ramen Bario (らーめん バリ男): Tsukemen Temptation at Jiro-Inspired Delight 


Ramen Bario: Globally Infused Delights, from Jiro-Inspired Ramen to Irresistible Tsukemen

Ramen Bario, a rising star in the Jiro-inspired culinary landscape, is distinguished by its delectably chewy noodles, sumptuous broth, and the invigorating kick of red pepper. Its presence has now extended globally, encompassing vibrant locales such as the lively streets of Hawaii Waikiki. The soup, simmered with zeal and an abundance of domestically sourced premium pork bones, showcases a robust and creamy flavor profile. The infusion of specially crafted red pepper in the middle enhances the interplay of spiciness, pork umami, and the sweet essence of rendered fat, delivering a sublime gastronomic experience.


Staying true to its name, Ramen Bario not only offers Jiro-inspired ramen but also presents an enticing tsukemen. The copious supply of tsukemen broth limits the space for dipping the noodles, creating an irresistible concoction for aficionados of pork bone-based broths. The soup is founded on pork bones and guarantees an unparalleled bowl for those who relish the richness of such broth. Both ramen and tsukemen utilize custom-made noodles from Mikawaya Seimen, distinguished by a flat and straight shape reminiscent of hirauchi or kishimen, facilitating seamless integration with the soup.


Furthermore, regarding the quantity of noodles, patrons can select between 400g and 300g, allowing for a personalized choice based on individual preferences. The char siu topping is a meticulously marinated, homemade delicacy that has been consistently replenished since the establishment’s inception. Each order receives freshly cut portions without any pre-cutting. The tsukemen at Ramen Bario provides a harmonious blend of soup and noodles, enabling patrons to relish the exquisite balance in every bowl.

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