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[Chiba] Yokohama Ramen Masudaya Kaihin Makuhari Branch (横浜ラーメン 増田家 海浜幕張店): Ramen Restaurant Near JR Kaihin-Makuhari Station

Chiba’s Gastronomic Gem of Iekei-Style Ramen

Nestled within the realm of Chiba Prefecture lies the esteemed Yokohama Ramen Masudaya, an epicurean haven renowned for its elusive “Iekei-style ramen.” This gastronomic gem stands tall as one of the rare establishments in the region that embraces this revered ramen tradition. Every self-proclaimed ramen aficionado in Chiba is intimately acquainted with the allure of this illustrious eatery. Originating from the vibrant streets of Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, after the dawn of 1974, Iekei-style ramen captivates discerning palates with its hallmark attributes.

Imagine this: a hearty broth steeped in the essence of pork bones and soy sauce, nurturing a symphony of flavors that dance harmoniously upon the taste buds. These luscious depths serve as the backdrop for the crown jewel of this culinary spectacle—a thick, straight noodle that stands as a testament to the artistry of ramen. As your senses succumb to the captivating aroma and tantalizing visuals, you will discover that the allure of Iekei-style ramen lies not only in its mastery of flavors but also in its versatility.

As you embark on this delectable expedition, allow yourself the pleasure of personalization. Adjust the firmness of the noodles, crafting an experience tailored to your desires. Revel in the ability to customize the texture, richness of flavor, and even the amount of oil, ensuring each mouthful is a personalized symphony of taste.

Prepare yourself for an encounter with the coveted firm noodles, a celebrated favorite amongst connoisseurs. The delightful marriage between these medium-thick noodles and the rich, velvety broth characteristic of Iekei-style ramen is truly a match made in culinary heaven. Prepare to succumb to the captivating elixir, as it beckons you to savor every sip, leaving you yearning for more.

Unlock a world of flavor alchemy as you explore the table adorned with garlic, spicy garlic, and a secret spicy sauce, inviting you to enhance and transform your dining experience. With every bite, relish the diverse nuances and intricate dance of flavors, culminating in a culinary crescendo that leaves an indelible imprint on your palate. Yet, the feast does not end with ramen alone. Delight in an expansive array of side dishes, where the authenticity and succulence of the fried rice and dumplings stand as a testament to their culinary prowess.

While the heart of Yokohama Ramen Masudaya beats in Chiba Chuo, its influence extends to branches nestled in Kaihinmakuhari and Nishi-Funabashi. Venture to the Kaihinmakuhari branch, gracefully adorning the first floor of the illustrious commercial sanctuary known as “aune,” beckoning travelers with its proximity to JR Kaihinmakuhari Station. Discover the realm of synergy where the realm of sports intertwines with gastronomy—a mere presentation of a Chiba Lotte Marines professional baseball game ticket at ZOZO Marine Stadium unveils a wondrous gift. A generous discount of 200 yen awaits, as the culinary arts intertwine with the passion of the ballgame. Brace yourself for moments of anticipated congestion during these enthralling encounters, as the realm of Makuhari Messe becomes enlivened by the fervor of professional baseball games and captivating events.

  • Name: Yokohama Ramen Masudaya Kaihin Makuhari Branch
  • Address: 1F aune Makuhari, 1-14 Hibino, Mihama-ku, Chiba
  • Phone: +81-(0)43-309-7975
  • Hours: 11:00 – 24:00 
  • Closed On: Open Daily
  • Number of Seats: 50
  • Budget: – JPY1,000 
  • Payment Options: Cash Only

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