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[Tokyo] Torimeshi Toritoh Bunten (鳥めし 鳥藤分店): A Century of Excellence in Oyakodon at Tsukiji

Torimeshi Toritoh Bunten: A Poultry Paradise Since 1907 in Tsukiji Outer Market

Torimeshi Toritoh Bunten, founded in 1907 by poultry expert Toritoh, is a vibrant homage to chicken cuisine in Tsukiji Outer Market. Beyond a mere restaurant, it’s a haven promising an unparalleled feast for chicken enthusiasts. The menu, featuring the highlight Oyakodon crafted with premium Daisen-dori chicken and fluffy Okukuji-ran eggs, is a symphony of flavors that transcends ordinary poultry fare. For those seeking a fusion of Japanese and curry delights, the Oyako Curry beckons, making it an experience that invites both dedicated poultry perfectionists and curious gastronomes to savor the essence of chicken cuisine in a space where tradition meets innovation.

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