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BASO Omotesando (BASO 表参道): A Tsukemen Haven in Tokyo’s Enchanting District


A Tsukemen Soba Paradise in Tokyo

Introducing BASO Omotesando, a culinary gem nestled in the enchanting district of Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Embarking on its gastronomic journey in April 2023, this establishment beckons you with the allure of Japan’s beloved national treasure: soba noodles, prepared in the tantalizing tsukemen style. Step into a world where you are bestowed the privilege to savor slightly thicker strands of noodles, lovingly paired with your preferred elixir of flavorsome broth.

Prepare to have your taste buds captivated by an opulent assortment of culinary treasures. BASO Omotesando’s menu is an opus of flavors, featuring a diverse symphony that includes the classic SOBA (standard buckwheat), the tantalizing Kashiwa Ten Tsuke SOBA (soba adorned with succulent chicken tempura), the exquisite Shio-Kamo-no-Tsuke SOBA (soba complemented by the delicacy of salted duck meat), the harmonious Ten Tane Tsuke SOBA (soba adorned with a medley of mixed shrimp tempura), the delectable Kakuni Tsuke Soba (soba interwoven with the succulent embrace of Japanese braised pork belly), the fiery Karai Tsuke SOBA (soba immersed in a spicy hot dipping sauce), and the tantalizing Kara Niku SOBA (soba enrobed in a spicy hot dipping sauce with succulent pork). These gustatory delights form a mere glimpse into the abundant tapestry of flavors that await. Brace yourself for seasonal and limited-time culinary marvels, meticulously curated to enhance your epicurean adventure.


For those with a desire beyond the realm of soba, BASO Omotesando graciously presents rice dishes as a harmonious alternative. Indulge in the symphony of textures and tastes with the Tamago Tempura Meshi (an exquisite ensemble of rice and crispy egg tempura) or surrender to the symphony of flavors found in the Ten Tane Meshi (a delectable marriage of mixed shrimp tempura and rice). These offerings, adorned with impeccably crisp tempura and bathed in delectable sauces, promise to transport your palate to realms of pure satisfaction.

Amidst this culinary opulence, BASO Omotesando generously caters to those seeking grander portions, allowing you to elevate your experience with increased quantities of noodles or generous servings of rice. Notably, the option to augment the already indulgent portion of salted duck meat in the tsukemen soba beckons aficionados of this fine fowl to embrace a truly lavish encounter.


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