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[Tokyo] Chen Ma Ya Sangenjaya (陳麻家 三軒茶屋店): Indulge in Mapo Tofu and Dan Dan Noodles Simultaneously!


Savoring Sichuan Treasures at Chen Ma Ya Sangenjaya

Nestled within Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward, Chen Ma Ya Sangenjaya stands as an illustrious gem among the chain’s many culinary havens. Its hallmark lies in the devotion to Sichuan province’s gastronomic treasures, with Mapo Tofu and Dan Dan Noodles taking center stage. Mapo Tofu, a harmonious union of minced meat and silken tofu, dances with the seductive notes of doubanjiang and Sichuan peppercorns, unveiling a tantalizing symphony of spiciness and numbing sensations.


While guests have the liberty to savor each dish in isolation, the true connoisseur’s delight emerges in the symphony of flavors that arise when Mapo Tofu meets a bed of rice, and when Dan Dan Noodles intertwine with a sumptuous soup. Sangenjaya, steeped in a rich history of commerce and culture, continues its legacy as a bustling hub for epicurean delights and bespoke boutiques. With operating hours extending until the early hours of dawn, Chen Ma Ya Sangenjaya stands as a cherished haven for local denizens, dedicated salarymen, and eager students alike.

  • Name: Chen Ma Ya Sangenjaya
  • Address: 2-13-22 Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 
  • Phone: +81-(0)3-3411-7878
  • Hours: 11:00 – 15:00 & 18:00 – 04:00 
  • Closed On: Sundays
  • Number of Seats: 14
  • Budget: – JPY2,000
  • Payment Options: Cash Only

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