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[Tokyo] Mugi to Tamago Tokyo Station Yaesu North Exit (生パスタ専門店 麦と卵 東京駅八重洲北口): A Hidden Gem of Hokkaido-Inspired Fresh Pasta in the Heart of Tokyo


Hokkaido Wheat and Hokkaido Brand Eggs: A Specialty Restaurant Crafting Fresh, Handmade Pasta In-House

In the heart of Tokyo, nestled near the bustling Yaesu North Exit of Tokyo Station, lies a hidden gem that beckons to pasta lovers from far and wide. Mugi to Tamago, a specialty fresh pasta restaurant, is a testament to the exquisite flavors and unparalleled quality that can be achieved when passion and dedication to the finest ingredients come together.

The secret to Mugi to Tamago’s success lies in their unwavering commitment to crafting pasta from scratch, using only the best Hokkaido wheat and the exquisite “Shimokawa Roku Maru Koso Ran” eggs from the renowned Abe Poultry Farm in Shimokawa-cho, a picturesque town in northern Hokkaido. The restaurant’s innovative double vacuum method, employed during the mixing and extrusion of pasta, results in a texture that is both delightfully chewy and reminiscent of mochi, a sensation that cannot be found anywhere else.


But the magic doesn’t stop there. Mugi to Tamago’s dedication to showcasing the finest Hokkaido ingredients extends to every aspect of their menu. From the 100% Hokkaido beef that lends its rich flavor to their meat sauce, to the cod roe sourced from Hakodate and the sweet corn from Biei, each dish is a love letter to the bountiful produce of Japan’s northernmost island.


Among the restaurant’s most popular offerings are the “Ultimate Pepe Tama!” and “Hokkaido Carbonara.” The former, a peperoncino and egg dish elevated to new heights by the secret blend of Hidaka kombu soy sauce, Shimokawa Roku Maru Koso eggs, and Grana Padano cheese, is a true testament to the restaurant’s pursuit of ultimate deliciousness. The latter, a creamy and indulgent carbonara, showcases the richness of Hokkaido fresh cream and the unparalleled flavor of Shimokawa Roku Maru Koso eggs, with a generous dusting of Grana Padano cheese that takes the dish to new heights.


For those seeking a heartier option, the “Homemade Hokkaido Meat Sauce” is a must-try. Made with 100% Hokkaido beef, this dish is a testament to the restaurant’s unwavering commitment to local ingredients and the depth of flavor they bring to the table.

Mugi to Tamago is more than just a restaurant; it is a celebration of the finest ingredients Hokkaido has to offer, transformed into fresh, handmade pasta that will transport your taste buds to the northernmost reaches of Japan. So the next time you find yourself near Tokyo Station, be sure to seek out this hidden gem and experience the magic for yourself.


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