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[Tokyo] 5 Best Restaurants in Shibuya for Solo Dining


In Japan, dining alone is not merely a trend but a cherished tradition. Comfortable single seats and inviting counters beckon solo diners to embark on a culinary journey of self-discovery. Dishes Japan showcases the top 5 picks, meticulously crafted to delight the taste buds of solo diners. Whether it’s traditional or modern cuisine, these Shibuya restaurants promise a dining adventure that extends beyond the act of eating alone.

Curry Kailas (カリー カイラス)

Kailas in Shibuya is a cozy, family-run restaurant known for authentic Japanese curry. With an emblem featuring a curry sauce pot and a red roof, it stands out near the Dogenzaka-ue intersection. The menu offers five curry variants, including a signature tonkatsu curry with crispy cutlets. The small and intimate spot has only 10 counter seats, so arriving early is recommended. Despite the limited options, each curry bursts with authentic flavor, and you can spice it up at no extra cost. Kailas also provides self-serve side dishes for free, making it a satisfying and affordable choice for those craving Japanese curry in Shibuya.

Katsudonya Zuicho (かつどん屋 瑞兆)

Zuicho in Shibuya is a renowned katsu-don eatery, a short walk from JR Shibuya Station. With only 8 counter seats, the compact establishment focuses on its signature dish, “katsu-don,” featuring lean pork loin atop a bed of egg. The menu offers variations in rice size (small, regular, or large). The katsu is freshly prepared, crisp, and succulent, accompanied by a sweet and savory sauce. The restaurant’s ambiance is heightened by the enticing aroma of frying katsu. Customers also enjoy a side of miso soup and pickled daikon with their meal.

Shinpachi Shokudo Shibuya Branch (しんぱち食堂渋谷店)

Experience a culinary journey at Shinpachi Shokudo Shibuya Branch with over 20 grilled fish set meals, featuring innovative charcoal-grilling for succulent tenderness. The Edo-period-inspired interior adds to the charm, and the standout “Salmon Harasu Dried Fish Set Meal” promises a memorable blend of expertly grilled fish and aromatic rice.

Nihon Aburato Shibuya Sohonbu (日本油党 渋谷総本部)

Nihon Aburato Shibuya Sohonbu is a haven for Abura Soba enthusiasts, offering a diverse menu of this brothless ramen variant. With options for spiciness levels and enticing toppings, guests can personalize their experience. The open kitchen and counter seating provide an engaging atmosphere, and a sleek touch panel allows customization. Sumptuous extras like char siu, soft-boiled eggs, cheese, green onions, and mayo enhance the culinary journey, encouraging diners to savor and customize their Abura Soba for an unforgettable experience.

Ebiyama (海老山)

Ebiyama, an innovative restaurant located between Shibuya and Ebisu, introduced its specialty dish, “ebi katsu-don,” in July 2022. The dish features perfectly fried shrimp arranged artistically atop rice, creating a visual and culinary masterpiece. The shrimp’s exquisite texture, combined with a tantalizingly crisp breading and original sweet and savory sauce-infused rice, provides a flavorful symphony. A semi-cooked omelette adds to the harmonious blend of taste and texture. Ebiyama offers a well-rounded dining experience, including a serving of miso soup with each ebi katsu-don. The restaurant’s interactive nature allows diners to witness the culinary magic firsthand as skilled chefs fry the shrimp katsu at the countertop, creating a sensory experience and anticipation. Ebiyama is not just a restaurant but a destination for shrimp enthusiasts, a hub of flavor innovation, and a stage for culinary expertise, promising excellence inspired by shrimp.

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